1. Runaway

From the recording Sleep

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Do you ever want to run away
Not just to escape
A place where you can stay?

Do you ever want to jump so high
That you could touch the sky
Well that I wouldn't mind
Would you?

Do you ever watch somebody laugh
And wonder what they're laughing at
Would I find it funny?

Do you ever start to cry
Without a reason why
Well sometimes I'm just sad
Are you?

If you could see the life you have
What would it look like
Would you feel bad
If you could have the life you want
Would it look like the life you've got
Would it look like the life that you've got?

Do you ever want to find a home
A place you really know
Somewhere you can always go?

And would there be someone there
Someone who really cares
The man you're meant to love for good?